Sep 10, 2011

you make me feel like dancing - vista maternity photographer

school started.  1st grade is exciting.  i'm still getting into my groove, but my kid totally knows what's she's doing.  a lazy summer full of joy and relaxing, time to get blogging again.

a little peek of this lovely session... this is one rockin' strong mama.

Aug 14, 2011

'summer lovin' had me a blast' / encinitas family photogapher

sessions are always so relaxed with this family.  this is the second time we've been together; i adore the flow and honestly just watching the love and laughter they have together. 

my how these sweet kids have grown!  you can see our session from last year here.  Claudia my friend, i so look forward to the chickens!  thank you for letting me capture these special moments with you and yours.